Discover the mysterious and natural beauty of Siberia

Station Station Program
Day 1
Arrival in Yakutsk. Transfer to the river port. Departure time 12:30 p.m.
Note: Excursions in Yakutsk are not included to the price of the cruise.

An excursion to Druzhba (Friendship) historic-architecture open-air museum located on the place of the primary foundation of the Lensk Stockaded Town founded by the Russian Cossacks, the future city of Yakutsk. The Museum presents samples of ancient wooden architecture in traditional Russian and Yakut styles. Expositions of wooden home utensils, national Yakut clothes and monuments of a Russian Orthodoxy are of great interest. Wonderful landscapes and interesting historical excursions make the museum visit both informative and pleasant.The duration of the station is 4 hours.

Day 2
The Lena Pillars
Stay in the Lena Pillars National Park where one can see steep rocks, the unique natural phenomenon. The pillars have 200 meters height and are stretched for 80 km along the river. One can distinguish colonnades, arches and battlements in their shapes. You will enjoy a wonderful rest in this fairyland. After having a welcome ceremony with ritual dance and Purifying with Fire Ceremony you are guided to rock massif. Up there one can experience unrenderable feelings. From the top of one of the towers you will get a grandiose view of the great river, endless taiga zone, rocks and the sky of different color shades that makes a man feel himself a part of a virgin nature and the great Universe.The duration of the station is 6 hours.
Day 3
Program on the board. Lectures.
Day 4
This Green Station is situated on one of the beautiful banks of the Lena River, where annually people suffer from flood (the real adversity for people of Yakutia). Every spring many villages are covered with water. As a result, many of them have to migrate to safer places. For example, by the forces of the Diamonds of Anabar company in the locality of Dapparay thirty houses for inhabitants of flooded village Killakh have been built. The new village had been built within seven months, although recently only empty fields were there. Dapparay is situated on a very picturesque place, on the high right bank of the river. High spreading spruces grow here; forest is full of berries and mushrooms. The duration of the station is 6 hours.
Day 5
The Ura River Estuary
The cliffs called Bell and Stone are shown beyond Chapaevo village where the Ura River makes its way from the gorge to the Lena River. River transport workers gave the river such a name because of its uncontrollable rage. There is a beautiful waterfall ten kilometers far from this place. The waterfall’s height is 30 meters. The Ura River divides the Lena River into two equal parts from the headstream to the estuary. That’s why river transport workers called its estuary as Lenskiy Equator. They usually stop there to have a rest after a difficult northern campaign. Young sailors are initiated into river transport workers here. From the side of the ship you can see a picturesque panorama of the Lena and the Ura Rivers in the multicolor magnificence of Yakutian taiga.The duration of the station is 6 hours.
Days 6
Lensk – Mirniy – Lensk
Tourists will have an opportunity to visit Mirniy, the Diamond Capital of our republic. This excursion is an optional and is available for an extra pay. Tourists will visit a famous Kimberlite Pipe called Mir. Mirniy was called in honor of this pipe. Besides tourists will visit a Kimberlite Museum and a Nature Park called the Diamonds of Yakutia. The duration of the station is 20 hours.
Days 7
Veatim Village
Veatim is an urban-type settlement in the Lenskiy Region. The population is 4406 people (2013 year). Veatim is situated on the Lena Rivers’ left bank against the Veatim River Estuary. It is 3 kilometers far from the border with the Irkutskiy Region. Settlement was based in 1621. In 1863, after the opening of gold fields on the Bodaybinka Mountain River, Veatim became a staging area for the mine supply. Veatim supplied it by everything necessary for the gold production and prospectors’ artels sustainment. In the 19th century Vitim was ahead of the other places in the social and cultural development because of its nearness with road transport schemes of the Eastern Siberia. A technical sector of the waterways was opened in Veatim after war. This technical sector included navigable basin of the Lena River in the middle reach. There are small airport and sawmill in the village. Veatim got the status of an urban-type settlement in the 1958. As a result of Talakanskiy oil and gas field exploitation the building of town is planning in the future. The duration of the station is 5 hours.
Days 8
Lenskeaye Shyoky
Lenskiye Shyoky is one of the most beautiful and famous places of the upper Lena River. It is situated 172 km up from the Vitim River Estuary. These three fancy pointy cliffs of 200 meters high are situated above the river and present a narrow canyon with sharp turnings. This is the narrowest place of the Lena, the span is less than 200 meters here. For navigation safety this length of the river is time-adjusted and has one-way movement. Lenskeaye Shyoky’s length is 3 km. In the end of the ravine there is the forth stone cliff called a Drunk Bull. As the saying goes, in the 19th century karbasses with alcohol crashed into the cliff. Ample quantity of alcohol was caught out by residents of the nearest Village called Bykovskaya, which later was renamed into Pyanobykovskaya village. Lena cheeks due to their unique curves also create ideal conditions for a multiple echo. The duration of the station is 8 hours.
Days 9
It is an administrative center of Lenskiy Region. Lensk is the fifth-largest town of Yakutia, situated on the bank of the middle Lena. Its population is 24322 people (in 2013). It was established on the place of Mukhtuy village, appeared in the middle of the 18th century. Its second birth was in 1956, when it became a staging area for diamond miners of Mirniy. Lensk as a town was founded in 1963. Nowadays Lensk is the gates of a diamond region and it’ll become oil and gas extraction capital of the republic in the future. The key economy industries are also river and road transports. In 2001 Lensk experienced destructive floods. The Lena rose up to 20 meters and covered the whole town. Reconstructive work lasted three summer months, and more than 400 000 square meters of living space were built –the yearly program of a multimillion city. An orthodox church of St. Innokenty is a sightseeing of the town. It was crafted in the tradition of ancient wooden architecture. The duration of the station is 3 hours.
Days 10
The origin of Olyokma supposedly belongs to Olookhunai, the Evenk word, which means squirrel. Olyokminsk is an administrative center of Olyokminskiy Region. The distance from Yakutsk is 651 kilometers of a land way and 620 kilometers of the water way. Olyokminskiy Ostrog was based by the Yenisei Cossacks in 1635. In 1738 this Ostrog got the status of district Town. Olyokminsk was the place of political exile and a shelter for gentiles of the Russian Orthodox Church. At the present time cattle breeding, the cultivation of a grain, potato, vegetables and feeding crops are determined the economic basis of the region. Forest, timber conversional and food industry are well developed. Gypsum quarry is also working here. Main oil pipeline is passing along the territory of Olyokminsk region (317 km.). There are airport and river port in Olyokminsk. The population of 2013 year is 9 330 people. The duration of the station is 5 hours.
Days 11
The Buotama River Estuary
Buotama is the right feeder of the Lena River with the length of 418 km. Primal mammoth and bison hunters lived here 30-40 thousand years ago. Human beings’ stations of a later period were found here. Dilapidated primitive stoves of those days are found in taiga. In 2006 the farm of wood buffalos was made. These buffalos were transported from Canada with the goal of recovery of the mammoth fauna representatives. The duration of the station is 5 hours.
Days 12
Arrival in Yakutsk at 4 a.m. Breakfast. Luggage check. Transfer to the airport. Departure from Yakutsk.