The treasure of Russia – Yaroslavl – is the biggest city of the Golden Ring with a population of 600 000.
Yaroslavl recently celebrated its millennium – it was founded in 1010 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise who gave his own name to the new stronghold on the Volga.
By the XVII century Yaroslavl prospered, it became Russia’s second largest city and even performed the functions of a capital, while Moscow was occupied by the invaders.
Modern Yaroslavl is a constantly developing industrial and cultural centre that keeps its traditions.
Historic centre of the city has been designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.
The bus sight-seeing tour around Yaroslavl takes about 3 hours.
Visitors will find here many architectural monuments like the Church of Elijah the Prophet with its impressive frescoes, fortified Transfiguration Monastery etc.
Yaroslavl is also famous for its romantic embankment of the Volga River decorated with elegant pavilions.
Furthermore the city is considered to be the birthplace of the first Russian theatre, founded here by Fyodor Volkov in the middle of the XVIII century.