One of the oldest Russian towns. Part of the Golden Ring.
Now it is among the most popular stops for cruise ships on the upper Volga.
The elegant shipping lock arch precedes the town, as you approach it sailing from Moscow. Then a breathtaking view of Uglich with all the onion domes of the churches opens from the Volga river.
This place has a big number of historical monuments: Dmitry on the Blood Church, Princes’ Chambers, Transfiguration Cathedral etc. Also there is a very interesting new interactive Museum of Hydropower here.
The main event in Uglich history occurred in the late XVI century. It happened exactly here that Prince Dmitry, the last son of Ivan the Terrible, heir to the throne was killed in uncertain circumstances, that fated the Time of Troubles and interregnum in Russia.
Tourists in Uglich are offered a walking tour around the former Kremlin territory, visit to the Dmitry on the Blood Church and Transfiguration Cathedral.
Apropos, the name of the town most likely derives from the Russian word “ugol” which means “corner” – the Volga River makes a sharp turn nearby, and this bend (“corner”) presumably gave the place its name.