Rybinsk is a merchants’ place that developed thanks to its favourable geographical position on the commercial routes. In the times of the Russian Empire this town was the largest center of grain trade in the country.
Also Rybinsk was proclaimed Burlaks (barge haulers) capital. On the Volga the burlaks hauled barges and other vessels upstream until the XX century.
The name Rybinsk can be translated into English as “Fish town”. This is not surprising, as fish has always teemed in the Volga.
Visitors of Rybinsk are offered to enjoy a walking sight-seeing tour and to have a look at the collection of the Merchants’ life Museum.
Rybinsk preserved architectural monuments of its Golden age, late XVIII – early XX century. High prosperity times of this place now may be gone, but the buildings on the Volga embankment still look beautiful.