Plyos – a small town in the very center of the Golden Ring – is one of the most romantic places on the Volga river.
Lyrical landscapes of Plyos inspired many Russian artists including Isaak Levitan, Konstantin Makovsky, Pavel Korin.
The word “plyos” in Russian means a long straight section of a river between two bends, and the Volga near Plyos really has no turns.
This region has always been famous for flax products. That’s why nowadays annual festival “Flax Palette” organized by fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev has been held here since 2006.
In addition to beautiful scenery Plyos has several original sights, for example
– the Tree of Love – two accrete pine trees with one branch connecting them, this place is often visited by newlyweds;
– the Stone of Love – a phallic symbol, the story of which is described in one local legend.
Tourists in Plyos usually walk along the riverfront, enjoy lovely views from the hill topped by the Assumption Cathedral, and visit the Museum of Isaak Levitan – outstanding Russian landscape painter.