Myshkin is truly a wonderful spot!
It is located on the left bank of the Volga River, between Rybinsk and Uglich.
In 1777 Myshkin gained its town status granted by Catherine the Great and got an amusing emblem with Yaroslavl bear above and local mouse below.
Being so cosy and friendly Myshkin has many unusual places of interest like Felt boots Museum, Flax Museum and the Museum of Russian Vodka dedicated to Peter Smirnov – native of this land and founder of world famous “Smirnoff” brand.
But above all Myshkin is known for its Mouse Museum. A brave mouse is a symbol of the town and actually gave the place it’s name (“myshka” in Russian means “mouse”).
Cruise tourists in Myshkin are offered a walking tour around the town, visit to the Assumption Cathedral, Felt boots Museum, House of Handicraft and Old Mill.