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Infoflot Cruise Company presents unique cruises in May on company’s brand ship «Vasily Chapaev».

There are various categories of cabins on motorship “Chapaev” starting from economy class to Junior Suite. «Vasily Chapaev» is a comfortable two-deck ship built in Hungary. It was the first ship Infoflot Cruise Company started to work with. Many exclusive itineraries were made on “Chapaev” which now are very popular from Moscow to Perm, Ufa, Yadrin, Belozersk, and also the itineraries named “Visit to the small Russian villages and towns”.

The ship is loved by tourists because of its interesting itineraries and friendly atmosphere.

Every cabin on board ship has all necessary facilities: refrigerator, satellite TV, air-conditioner and telephone.

On board ship there are following features for the tourists:

  • restaurant;
  • karaoke-bar;
  • music lounge;
  • table tennis;
  • conference room;
  • rent point;
  • medical room;
  • open air solarium;
  • free Wi-Fi in a bar.

«Vasily Chapaev» is the first ship in the history which made a cruise on the itinerary Moscow — Perm — Ufa — Moscow in 2005. In 2009 it became the first tourist ship with the cruises on the Sura River. In 2011 «Vasily Chapaev» has made a unique cruise expedition under the title «Tributaries». Tourists were able to see such rivers as the Sura River, the Vetluga and the Vyatka with their amazing nature. In 2013 “Chapaev” became the first ship in 40 years which made the cruise on the Vyatka River. The Vyatka cruise was very interesting for the tourists so now this itinerary became annual in May.

It’s interesting to know that “Vyatka Grand Cruise” in 2014 participated in Russian tourism award «Route of the year» and took the first place!
Exploring New itineraries became a tradition for «Vasily Chapaev». Among its achievements there are:

— the first ship to visit Kalyazin and Konakovo in 2004,
— cruises on new itineraries from Moscow to Perm and Ufa in 2005 and to Belozersk in 2007,
— sailing on the Sura River in 2007,
— cruise expedition under the title “Tributaries” with one-day-visit rivers Vyatka and Vetluga in 2011,
in 2016 on the Vyatka cruise there will be NEW port of call the Orlov city (named Khalturin before 1992), which is one of the oldest cities in Russia. The ship will make here “Green stop” (leisure time for the tourists).

In May there will be NEW unique cruises “On the Vyatka river” and “Moscow round the world” on ship “Vasily Chapaev”

In navigation-2016 for the first time it’s planned to make 2 Vyatka cruises at once so that more tourists can experience the originality and exclusivity of this route; walking tour programs will increase in Nolinsk, Vyatkinskie Polyany and Urzhum.

The first itinerary is on 2 — 12 May with the visiting the following ports of call Nizhniy Novgorod – Mamadysh – Vyatskie Polyany – Medvedok (Urzhum) – Petropavlovsk – Sovetsk – Kotelnich – Orlov – Kirov (Girsovo).

But we would like to pay your attention to the second itinerary named “On the Vyatka river – 2” which starts in Kirov the next day after the first cruise:

13 — 24 May
Girsovo (Kirov) – Kotelnich– Sovetsk – Меdvedok (Urzhum) – Vyatskie Polyany – Mamadysh – Kazan – Nizhniy Novgorod – Plyos – Yaroslavl – Tutaev – Kalyazin – Moscow

In this cruise “Chapaev” will visit such cities as Mamadysh where it will be possible to see during the tour healing spring the «Holy bowl» and the Central mosque; Kotelnich with a traditional visit to dinopark, local and paleontological museums, Sovetsk with a visit to the Assumption and St. Basil’s churches.

It’s necessary to pay attention on stop in the port of call Medvedok city where there will be sightseeing tour on Urzhum with a visit to local museums and bus excursion to the old merchant city of Nolinsk. Here tourists will explore the historic centre rich in monuments, visit the museum of history and local lore, and in the end they will visit the Vyatka dolls fair.

In addition to the cities of Vyatka, cruise participants will visit the classic Volga river towns and cities: picturesque Plyos, ancient Yaroslavl, Tutaev with a well-preserved temple architecture, and Kalyazin with its famous flooded belfry.
«Vasiliy Chapaev» will finish its voyage in the capital of Russia – Moscow.

One more cruise in the end of May certainly deserves your attention. It’s “Moscow round the world cruise”:

24 May — 3 June
Моscow – Kalyazin – Yaroslavl – Kostroma – Plyos –Nizhniy Novgorod – Murom– Kasimov – Ryazan – Konstantinovo – Kolomna – Moscow

“Moscow round the world cruise” traditionally attracts tourists with new ports of call and a trip on three rivers — the Volga, the Oka and the Moscow River.

We especially would like to pay your attention to the Oka River. It’s amazing river with interesting curves of the banks that are left in memory of every tourist who once visited it.
The Oka cruises are made only on small river vessels such as our brand ship “Vasily Chapaev”.

It’s worth mentioning wonderful Oka cities – Murom and Kasimov that are situated on the territory of the Vladimir and Ryazan region respectively. In both cities there are interesting walking tours with the visit to the main sights.
In Ryazan which is one of the largest cities on the Oka tourists will see the famous Kremlin founded in XI century. In the Homeland of the beloved Russian poet Sergei Yesenin in Konstantinovo village the cruise participants will visit the parental home of the Yesenin family.
On the Volga there will be stops in the famous cities Yaroslavl and Kostroma that are included in “The Golden Ring of Russia”, picturesque Plyos, mysterious Kalyazin with its flooded bell tower and Nizhniy Novgorod with rich history and culture.

The last day of voyage the ship will pass Moskva River and make disembarkation in South river port in Moscow.

See you on board!