New river cruises 2019. Two capitals of Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg

M/s: «Swan Lake», «Moonlight Sonata» 7 days/6 nights

Excursions in English on every selling with at least one English-speaking guest on board. Service in other languages by request.

Communicate with locals for a better understanding of culture and traditions of Russia. English-speaking and Russian-speaking guests travel together on these cruises.
DayPort of callActivities
1MoscowEmbarkation. Departure in the afternoon
2UglichFounded in 1148, Uglich is one of the most beloved towns in old Russia. The view of the town as it is approached from the Volga River is especially lovely with the Cathedral of the Resurrection and St.John’s Church looming on the horizon. After the city tour, we will visit the modern museum of the history of Russian hydropower.
MyshkinWe will take a walk in a typical old Russian town and visit the museum of the Mouse museum.
3KuzinoWe will visit the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery, where the buildings of the 15th century are preserved and we will see rare ancient Christian murals.
4KizhiOn the reserved island of Kizhi we will explore many old wooden buildings, collected from different parts of Russian North. Among them is the pearl of the collection — the 22-dome Transfiguration Church, that was built without a single nail. The museum’s collection is on the UNESCO World Heritage List
5MandrogiAfter a picnic accompanied by a folk ensemble we’ll take a walk around the amazing village of Mandrogi, then visit the Russian Vodka Museum and master classes on traditional crafts.
SvirstroyWe will take a walk along the streets of the old northern settlement and visit local residents.
6SortavalaWe will see one of the most beautiful places in Russian northwest — the water-filled marble quarry of Ruskeala. Then we will visit the museum of the artist Kronid Gogolev, who created unique pictures made of wood.
ValaamWe will visit the main island of a unique archipelago in the northern part of the Ladoga Lake, where ships with foreign guests are rarely come. Amazing nature of the island of Valaam has attracted artists since olden times. We will make a trip on a small boat along the coast of the island and also visit the impressive monastery, which is the most important center of Orthodoxy
7Saint-PetersburgExcursion around the city. We will take a look at the central part of St. Petersburg founded by Peter the Great and the former capital of the Russian Empire until 1918. Then visit the Peter and Paul Fortress, from which the history of the city began in 1703. End of the cruise.

The cruise also is carried out in the opposite direction from Moscow to St. Petersburg with the preservation of the entire program.

The stay in St. Petersburg and Moscow can be increased by additional days. In this case, the arrangement of an additional excursion program is possible.

25.05.201931.05.2019Moscow – Saint PetersburgMoonlight Sonata
03.06.201909.06.2019Saint Petersburg – MoscowMoonlight Sonata
15.06.201921.06.2019 Moscow – Saint PetersburgMoonlight Sonata
24.06.201930.06.2019Saint Petersburg – MoscowMoonlight Sonata
06.07.201912.07.2019 Moscow – Saint PetersburgMoonlight Sonata
14.07.201920.07.2019 Saint Petersburg – MoscowMoonlight Sonata
27.07.201902.08.2019Moscow – Saint PetersburgSwan Lake
04.08.201910.08.2019Saint Petersburg – MoscowSwan Lake
17.08.201923.08.2019 Moscow – Saint PetersburgSwan Lake
25.08.2019 31.08.2019Saint Petersburg – MoscowSwan Lake

About ships

Swan Lake

Swan Lake
Four-deck vessel type 302 The ship is named after the famous ballet «Swan Lake» by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. The ship will offer 24 new Junior suites including 20 balcony cabins named after foremost balletdancers for Navigation 2018. The ship’s theatre gives performances from its own repertoire, daily and nightly concerts and entertainment shows. There are the restaurants «Odette» and Odile», the bar «Fouette» and the cafe «Libretto» on the ship.

Moonlight Sonata

Moonlight Sonata
Four-deck vessel type 302. The ship is named after one of the most famous musical compositions of Beethoven. On the board are a variety of cabin types, including suites on the upper deck. The theme of music will also be reflected in the entertainment program. There are the restaurants «Jazz» and «Blues» on the ship. For guests’ rest will be playing pleasant music in the bar «Music lounge». The musicals will be shown in the «Music Hall» in the evenings.

Service and prices are valid from one cabin

Currency: Euro | USD

Quadruple Lower deck A4 Double Lower deck Double Main deck A2 Double Middle deck A2 Double Middle deck A1 Double** Boat deck A2 Junior* Suite Boat deck J. Suite B* with balcony Boat deck J. Suite A* with balcony Boat deck
109 125 135 145 179 159 185 199 255
Prices are per person per night
* Only on M/S Swan Lake
** Only on M/S Moonlight Sonata


  • Accommodation in the cabin
  • 8 excursions in English.
  • English accompaniment: English-speaking cruise director, a restaurant/bar menu, daily program in English.
  • Full board during the cruise, sparkling wine for breakfast.
  • Daily entertainment on board: the Captain’s diner, concerts, movies, master classes, daily morning exercises
  • Tea and coffee for early risers.
  • Luggage handling onboard the ship
  • Visa support letter

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