How much do we know about such craft as Khokhloma?

Khokhloma or Khokhloma painting is the name of a Russian wood painting handicraft style and national ornament, known for its vivid flower patterns, red and gold colors over a black background, and the effect it has when applied to wooden tableware or furniture, making it look heavier and metal-like. It first appeared in the second half of the 17th century in what is today known as the Koverninsky District of the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast village of Semenovskoe. Nowadays it has transformed into Semenov city, considered the capital of Golden Khokhloma. From the beginning of 1960-ies of the production Association «Khokhloma Painting» in Semenov remains the largest enterprise in Russia that produces artistic wooden products decorated with Khokhloma painting.
World exhibition in Paris (1889) opened the way to the Golden Khokhloma all around the world. Khokhloma painting went on the wide export.

The symbol of Khokhloma painting is the Firebird. The process of making art products in Khokhloma style is a sophisticated process chain. The master never repeats the pattern. Every time it is new location of leaves, flowers and fruits that gives each item uniqueness and turns it into a work of art.

You can visit Semenov with its Khokhloma masterpieces on board company’s brand ship “Karl Marx”

10 — 18 May (9 days)
Moscow – Uglich – Kostroma – Plyos – Nizhniy Novgorod (2 days, Diveevo/Semenov) – Gorodets – Chkalovsk – Yaroslavl – Kalyazin – Moscow

Also the cruise participants will visit the painted Gorodets and homeland of Snegurochka — the “empress” Kostroma; picturesque Plyos as if descended from the paintings of Levitan; the famous flooded belfry in Kalyazin and the famous Holy Trinity St. Seraphim-Diveyevo convent in Diveevo village.

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  • On-board entertainment program including evening shows, live music concerts, dancing etc.
  • Shore excursions in Russian (English speaking guide service is charged extra)

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