Russian – Chinese conference in St. Petersburg.

Infoflot Cruise Company participated in the Russian-Chinese conference,
which was held in St. Petersburg last weekend

Representatives of the Chinese delegation spoke on behalf of the Department of tourism of the Province of Hebei. They presented tourist opportunities and tourist products of the Chinese province. The following guests spoke at the conference:
Mr. Zhang Ha i long – CEO of the International travel Agency “Sea melody”, who spoke fondly of Russian tourists in China and the intention to cooperate with Russian tourist companies and tour operators. Mr. Zhang held a presentation of products of his company. He spoke in detail about the services provided for tourists and invited the heads of Russian travel companies to visit his hometown (the city of Qinhuangdaoin) in China.
Mr. Wang Gou Hoa – CEO of ChengDe ShenZhou International Travel Service Co., Ltd , who spoke about the special conditions for tourists from Russia and offered to go on tour, similar to the “Golden Ring” of Russia. Mr. Wang expressed gratitude to the Russian government and the authorities of the city of St. Petersburg for the warm welcome and invited to come to China.
Mrs. Ma Ning – CEO of CITC BaoDing International Travel Service Co., Ltd – and Mrs. Pan yan Mei – Manager from  HeBei Youth International Travel Service Co., Ltd. also expressed a willingness to accept Russian tourists in China and to recommend to their clients  to visit the city of St. Petersburg which is known as the “Northern Venice”.
At the end of the meeting our Chinese friends presented gifts to some of the guests who came to the conference. Business cards, collected previously in a special box, were picked by accident and 3 lucky winners could “take a piece of China” with them.
Infoflot as an international friendly company, continues an active participation in various activities of an international character.
See you at the next conferences!