The new four-deck ship “Swan Lake”

The new four-deck ship named after Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet “Swan Lake” will be added to the Cruise Company “Infoflot” flotilla in Navigation 2018.

“Swan Lake” ship goes under “Infoflot” trademark: the whole maintenance cycle, vessel manning and building up of the tourist product are provided by the Infoflot Group of Companies. “Swan Lake” is a comfortable four-deck ship resort built in Germany.

There are a variety of cabin types among 130 cabins at tourists’ disposal.

All cabins of the ship are with private facilities (shower, toilet), equipped withhair dryer, fridge, satellite TVand air conditioning. The ship will offer24 newJunior suitesincluding 20 balcony cabins named after foremost ballet-dancersforNavigation 2018.

  • The ship’s theatre gives performances from its own repertoire, daily and nightly concerts and entertainment shows.
  • In the restaurants “Odette” and “Odile” we offer buffet breakfastsand a-la-carte menu for lunch and dinner.
  • The bars “Fouette” and “Crush Bar” offer a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks; as well as pastimes, masterclasses and music programs.You can enjoy chamber live music in one of the bars in the evening.
  • The café “Libretto” invites you to enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee with tasty dessert.
  • Children and young travelers will find their kind of activities in the “Little Swan” club.

“Swan Lake” offers a lot of healthwise activities: daily dozen, yoga, pilates with professional trainer, fitness machines for self-training, phyto teas and oxygen cocktails to recover health, revive and make you active.
When the ship stops in a city or a town we organize cultural excursions for travelers, in general there is a choice of various options of the package plan. The cruise price includes most of the sightseeing.

The 2018 schedule offers 26 cruises (including the exceptional ones like “Autumnal” and “Club Cruise”) to the most popular destinations from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg:

  • Upper Volga cruise from Moscow – to old Uglich and Kostroma, picturesque Plyos, cosy and noble Yaroslavl, Gorodets which is famous for its crafts, surprisingly atmospheric and unique Myshkin, fairytale Tutaev and Tver with its beautiful architecture on Volga’s both sides;
  • Karelia cruise from Saint-Petersburg – visiting Valaam and Kizhi islands;
  • Moscow — Saint-Petersburg – Moscow cruises – is one of the most popular cruise itinerary lasting 7-8 days;

Special discounts and offers:

  • Seasonaldiscounts:
    11% – if 100% are prepaidbefore October 1st, 2017;
    9% — if 100% are prepaid before December 1st, 2017;
    8% — if 100% are prepaid before December 31st, 2017;
    5% — if bookedbefore December 31st, 2017 and 100% are prepaid before March 1st, 2018;
    3% — if bookedbefore February 1st, 2018 and 100% are prepaid before March 1st, 2018.
  • Discounts for children:
    If you accommodate in cabins with 2 main berths and additional berth (“Junior suite A with balcony”, “Junior suite B with balcony”, “Junior suite”, A2(II) (№№ 315-320)), then children with additional berths travel free of charge.
  • There are also additional discounts for different types of tourists (children, high schoolers, students and pensioners) which are applicable together with seasonal discounts. You can learn more about discount rules on the ship’s webpage or at our sales offices.
  • Down payment:
    A minimal initial payment is 35% of the cruise cost. With that 100% payment 30 days before cruise date can be made at the price valid at the moment of initial payment.

We encourage you to send your requests and welcome you on board!