Dear friends,

We are glad to inform you that we have started to sell tickets for river cruises-2017 on motor ships of Infoflot Cruise Company:

Seasonal discount are effective now for all above-mentioned motor ships:

  • 8% — if 100% are prepaid before December 31, 2016;
  • 5% — if booked before January 31, 2016 and 100% prepaid before March 1, 2017;
  • 3% — if booked before February 1, 2017 and 100% prepaid before March 1, 2017.

Special conditions:

  • for children under age of 14 (inclusive) — 15% discount;
  • discount for birthday celebrants — 3%. The discount is presented if the birth date matches with cruise period +/- 2 days before and after;
  • discount for pensioners — 5% (applies only for certain cruises);
  • group discounts (apply only for cruise of the Dmitriy Furmanov motor ship):
  • – 7% for groups of 10-20 people;
  • – 10% for groups of 21-40 people;
  • – 13% for groups of more than 41 people.

The members of the Cruise Fan Club will get bonus points when buying tickets! Get more information about our Cruise Fan Club via e-mail:

The forthcoming navigation will be also filled with interesting routs:

  • Dmitriy Furmanov will conduct cruises departing from Moscow from 3 to 15 days both upstream and downstream of Volga.
    Motor ship schedule also includes some tours from Moscow to Saint Petersburg (and back) and circular tours from Saint Petersburg in Karelia most beautiful locations. The final cruise shall start in Rostov-on-Don and follow the unusual route to Nizhny Novgorod. This tour shall be conducted as club cruise-2017.
  • Alexandre Benois and N.A. Nekrasov will start their navigation on April 29 with tours from Nizhny Novgorod to Moscow.
    Motor ships time sheets include 3-22 days cruises from Moscow in biggest and most interesting cities of Volga and Kama rivers. On May 22, motor ships will set of to Moscow — Yaroslavl — Moscow cruise, in which the motor ships will stay in Yaroslavl and Koprino until late at night.
    We should also mention the August cruise of N.A. Nekrasov to Astrakhan and July cruise of  Alexandre Benois to Rostov-on-Don with one and a half day-long stay, the agenda also includes Azov tour.
  • Karl Marks will traditionally conduct cruises departing from Moscow (in May, in theend of August and in September) and Saint Petersburg.

    Tours from Saint Petersburg shall go through the most beautiful Karelia locations: taiga islands — Valaam, Pellotsaari , Konevets and Kizhi, city of Sortavala with Ruskeala Mountain Park, theme village Mandrogi and city of Petrozavodsk. In 2017, for the first time of its history, Karl Marks will conduct cruises to legendary Solovetsky Islands!

    The motor ship has also planned the «Pearls of Upper Volga with One Night Stands» tour which was conducted in 2016 for the first time and gave the tourists most positive impressions!

  • As for the Vasiliy Chapaev motor ship, it will get more variety of tours in 2017!
    Navigations starts with Vyatka river expeditions tours which are already traditional for Vasiliy Chapaev but still unique.
    May and June will be full of cruises on beautiful Oka. On July 31, the motor ship will set of to the Sura river tour and visit the place which is non-typical for such cruises — city of Yadrin. The ship will also conduct cruise to Ufa which will organized twice in 2017 due to great popularity of this navigation — in July and August.
    In the end of the year you will get a 18-day tour with unusual route: Moscow — Astrakhan — Nizhny Novgorod. By the way, Vasiliy Chapaev hadn’t visited Astrakhan since 2007!
  • In next year, the «Sonlnechniy Gorod» schedule will also be full of exclusive tours including Solovetsky Islands cruise, 15-day cruise on Volga and Kama to Perm, 22-day cruise to Rostov-on-Don and unique tour «Vintage Manors of the the Upper Volga Region».

Information on other motor ships the Infoflot plans to work with in navigation 2017, will appear in the nearest future as schedule and prices are formed.

We’re looking forward to see your requests to