During Navigation-2016, Infoflot carried out a great promotional event “From shipboard straight into a new car!”.

The event was occasioned with appearance of a new four-deckship named “Dmitriy Furmanov” that became the fifth in succession and the most spacious ship in “Sozvezdie Infoflota” brand (in English the brand is translated as “Constellation of Infoflot”) line. All guests being in cruise on this ship were the participants of this promotion event, so each of 8,000 candidates had an opportunity to become a happy owner of new car!

The drawing was carried out during the Club Cruise divided into several stages.

On November 3, Infoflot granted a cartoits new owner Razina Zhanna Ivanovna from Saratov region! It was held in the North River-boat Station in Moscow, before “N.A. Nekrasov” ship set the sail finishing Navigation-2016!

Awarding was held ceremoniously in the presence of Company’s directors and the Captain. It may be taken as a sign that it is “N.A. Nekrasov“ ship on which Zhanna Ivanovna and her family took their very first cruise! And now Razins family are happy owners of a new car carried off on its board. Love to cruises works real marvels! 🙂

As it turned out, Zhanna hadn’t come empty handed as well! Razins family presented to our Company a steering wheel shaped barometer that turned into a pleasant surprise for us!

Participants who won cruises of various trip duration on “Sozvezdie Infoflota” ships with in Navigation-2017 we real so awarded during this evening. Performance of our board artists, music, champagne and plenty of air balloons accompanied our party. Although it was snowy and freezy outside, it was very warm and hearty inside, thanks to smiles of our guests and tourists going into a final cruise.

Infoflot sincerely congratulates the winners and wishes its standing and future tourists never to lose faith in miracles – and by personal example shows how easily they can come true!

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We welcome you at cruises down Russian rivers by “Infoflot” ships within Navigation-2017!