Infoflot celebrates 12th anniversary!

Dear friends!

On the 3-rd of February 2015 INFOFLOT Cruise Company celebrates its 12-th anniversary!

It is pleasant for us to remember how it all started in 2003 and to share the brightest moments of past 12 years with you:


2003 — First offices of INFOFLOT as a river cruise agency open in St. Petersburg and Moscow.



2004 — INFOFLOT becomes a river cruise operator in Moscow and charters its first vessel — «Vasiliy Chapayev». We are happy that after so many years «V. Chapayev» famous for its expedition cruises continues to work with INFOFLOT!


2005 — Being one of the largest cruise sellers in Russia INFOFLOT introduces «RiverLines» project for travel agencies. «Riverlines» becomes a great help for start-up companies and wholesalers as INFOFLOT shares its search and booking system free of charge and starts to train travel agencies how to sell river cruises.


2006 — By opening a new office in Samara INFOFLOT enters river cruise market in Lower Volga region.


2007 — INFOFLOT forms a special department that works with travel agencies only.


2008 — INFOFLOT becomes one of the first companies in Russia to offer domestic cruises on-line booking system.


2009 — Motor ship «Karl Marx» begins cruising from St.Petersburg, thus INFOFLOT becomes a tour operator in the Nothern capital of Russia.


2010 — INFOFLOT opens a new office in Nizhniy Novgorod — one of the main centers of river cruise tourism in the country.


2011 — All INFOFLOT cruise vessels get the original colour scheme.

INFOFLOT opens a new office in Kazan — the main city of Middle Volga.

M/s «N. A. Nekrasov» sets a record for the duration of navigation in Russia (203 days).



2012 — INFOFLOT opens a new office in Rostov-on-Don.

In Saint-Petersburg m/s «Karl Marx» wins annual award “Best cruise ship of 2012”!


2013 — INFOFLOT presents the Viatka river to cruise tourists. Motor ship «Vasiliy Chapaev» well known for its unique itineraries makes the first Viatka cruise over the last 40 years!

English-language website is launched for international clients.



2014 — INFOFLOT begins to act as European cruises tour operator and presents river cruise on the Rhine.

In Saint-Petersburg m/s «Karl Marx» again wins an award “Best cruise ship of 2014”! 


We hope that in 2015 INFOFLOT Cruise Company will continue to MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY!