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Infoflot Cruise Company is happy to offer you “Golden Cruise collection” 2016 on board ship “Dmitry Furmanov”

“Golden Cruise collection”  —  the best cruises all over Russia from Infoflot. They stand out among all cruise offers: exclusive itineraries, unusual and interesting excursion program, cozy atmosphere on board and, as always, excellent service to our customers.

The first two “Golden cruises” are «Northern necklace» and «Nordic cocktail» – «Dmitry Furmanov» will sail along the beautiful places of Karelia departing from St. Petersburg:

02 — 08 July(7 days), «Northern necklace»
Saint Petersburg – Valaam – Sortavala– Pellotsari – Lodeynoe Pole – Petrozavodsk – Kizhi – Mandrogi – Saint Petersburg

08 — 18 July (11 days), «Nordic cocktail»
Saint Petersburg (1,5 days) – Sortavala– Pellotsari –  Valaam – Svirstroy – Mandrogi – Petrozavodsk – KizhiMedvezhegorsk – Vytegra – Irma (Vologda) – Uglich – Moscow

Karelia – the land of untouched nature! Here is the crystal clear water, clean, fresh healthy air and vast forests. Holidays in Karelia attract travelers unique charm of Northern beauty, unique monuments of nature and unfailing hospitality of the people living on this virgin land.

The main “pearls” are vast Ladoga and Onega lakes with their Islands of Valaam and Kizhi. No one leaves indifferent to panorama of the monastery bay of Valaam and the famous ensemble of Kizhi Pogost with the string of rocky islets that flank the indented bays and narrow straits coastline.
It’s worth mentioning exclusive port of call in Sortavala, where will be organized a guided visit to the splendid marble canyon «Ruskeala». Externally, the canyon makes a tremendous appearance: gray and white rocks buried in a bright turquoise lake with a strongly indented coasts. Some of the cliffs have formed caves where you can swim and admire the play of light on the marble ceiling. White marble arches and walls are reflected perfectly in the calm water.

Another rare port of call on the itinerary is the city of Medvezhegorsk, surrounded by picturesque hills covered with pine forest.

In the final days of summer the ship will go to the other interesting journey — «Excursion pearls of Volga cities”:

22 — 31 August(10 days)
Moscow – Uglich – Rybinsk – Tutaev – Gorodets (1,5 days, Diveevo/Semenov at your choice) – Plyos– Kostroma – Yaroslavl (Rostov Velikiy) –
Koprino (Yaroslavskoe seaside) – Myshkin (Martynovo) – Tver (Torzhok/Staritsa) – Moscow

Volga is a great river! You can’t help admiring its mightiness, expanse and grandeur! And beautiful, ancient and native Volga cities are like pearls strung on a blue ribbon of the river. In this itinerary tourists will visit the most striking and handsome Volga cities, some of which are considered pretty rare for cruise travel.

During prolonged stop in Gorodets for tourists will be organized unique tours in Holy Diveevo or Semenov city – «The Capital of Golden Khokhloma».
Another interesting point on the route will be in Yaroslavl. During long stop time it will be possible to take a tour in the oldest city of the “Golden ring”-  Rostov Velikiy where the Kremlin is recognized as one of the most beautiful constructions in Russia.

During the cruise will be organized green stop in the resort area «Yaroslavskoe seaside» where everyone can enjoy time spending on nature.

The price includes

  • Accommodation in the reserved stateroom
  • Full board (three meals a day) including the departure day dinner, Captain’s dinner (in the 4-day and longer cruises) and «early birds tea» in the morning
  • On-board entertainment program including evening shows, live music concerts, dancing etc.
  • Shore excursions in Russian (English speaking guide service is charged extra)

Waiting for your requests!