From September 27 till October 7 on board company’s brand ship “Alexandre Benois”  took place the most expected event of the year Club Cruise 2015!

This cruise has traditionally gathered the most faithful fans of the Russian river cruises!

The itinerary was traditionally on the Volga cities:

Nizhniy Novgorod – Kazan – Vinnovka – Khvalynsk – Balakovo – Saratov – Volgograd – Saratov – Samara – Tetyushi – Cheboksary – Kozmodemyansk –Nizhniy Novgorod

Infoflot Club Cruises are not only special routes but also always interesting entertainment program on board.

Various activities were organized for the tourists this year! Representatives of Infoflot Cruise Company, such as the Head of Travel Product department Olga Dmitrieva, the Head of Food department Oksana Shvets and the Chief Specialist of the fleet movement and travel programs Luybov Cherenkova came on board to spend this unforgettable cruise along with the guests!

In the daytime under the guidance of our creative Art Manager Svetlana Bogdanova master classes were conducted for everyone. Each could chose what he liked best: for fans of active pastime — dancing of all directions, for those who want a more relaxing holiday — decoupage, soap making, candy bouquets, paper flowers and other creative activity.

In the Club Сruise-2015 for everyone also worked cooking school under the guidance of Oksana Shvets. There every gourmet can discover something new! The solemn opening ceremony of the school started with… the contest! Of course, the contest was cooking and friendly atmosphere was on board between the travel product team and the team of the ship «Alexandre Benois». The chef of “Benois” team was the Cruise Director Sergey Zagrebelny.

In the evening art group of the ship surprised the guests with the brightest and the most spectacular performances. Among them it is necessary to highlight relatively rare shows for cruise programs, such as light show, pictures with sand, soap bubbles show and a masquerade ball.

In the end of each busy day discos and film screenings of great films were waiting for tourists in the concert hall. In one of the evenings for the tourists was held an exclusive event – a silent disco where people dance to the music on wireless headphones without the use of conventional speakers.

One of the traditions that never changes was the conference, so called “round table” with the General Management of Infoflot Cruise Company: Aleksandr Sosnin and Alexander Sakharov, who shared with participants news of the company and answered tourists’ questions.

October 1 started with a surprise – instead of usual banner “Infoflot” board the ship and all brand attributes inside the ship were decorated with new banner “Constellation of Infoflot”. Thus the guests were prepared for the next official news that all brand ships of Infoflot Cruise Company are now under new trademark.

The next news of the day was that we now owe a four-deck ship “Dmitry Furmanov”.  This new motor ship along with “Alexandre Benois”, “N.A. Nekrasov”, “Karl Marx” and “Vasily Chapaev” will work in 2016 under new trademark “Constellation of Infoflot”.

The official part was followed by a buffet where «Infoflot» received congratulations with the new brand ship and expansion of the fleet, as well as transition to the next level. In the evening the long-awaited event finally happened — the surprise from the Top Management of Infoflot Cruise Company. Playing the role of the artists, the Directors of the company have created a masterpiece (with help and prompts of the guests), then the cruise Director successfully sold in mock auction.

We would like to express our gratitude to all participants of the Club Cruise! Thank you for your activity, enthusiasm, and (the most important) for sincere and cheerful atmosphere which was created on board ship!

Already looking forward to welcoming you on board ship «Alexandre Benois» in the Club Cruise 2016!