Dear friends!

We remind you that in the navigation-2016 our brand ships will be enlarged four-deck motor ship «Dmitry Furmanov», which will be the largest and  the most spacious ship of Infoflot Cruise Company.
But, in addition to size, «Dmitry Furmanov» will be standing out special service on board which will highlight this ship among the other Russian ships!

We present to your attention 10 stars of motor ship «Dmitry Furmanov»:

 Noiseless 3D cinema

You don’t need to wait for the stop in the nearest city or returning home to watch your favorite film on the big screen! Onboard our ship you can visit the unusual silent 3D cinema. Two large screens within the cinema, 3D glasses and a full sense of virtual reality are guaranteed! Plus freedom of choice and the ability to watch films with the whole family or group with different film preferences. You can watch different films at the same time on two screens (the sound presented through headphones). Watching the film you will be offered tea and treats that will undoubtedly make viewing even more enjoyable!


While on the cruise, don’t change your lifestyle and continue making sports. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try to do fitness but you didn’t have time or an opportunity? Then it’s high time!

We offer daily classes from a professional fitness instructor.

All modern trends: yoga, pilates, step, body sculpt, ABS, flex, zumdance, bellydance, and others.

 Workshop “Made by me”

A cruise is an excellent opportunity to learn something new and bring Souvenirs from the travel made with your own hands.

Workshop will run all day, with the exception of stops in ports of call and meal time, so everyone will have time to make your masterpiece under the guidance of the master.

 Live music

A live band consisting of professional musicians will play every day on board ship.In a bar specially for you we offer jazz, blues, retro hits, and in the evening the concert hall will host concerts and discos with live music.

 Silent multiformat discos in headphones

You have never seen such disco before!

Everyone will find music for the soul – just enough to change the channel on wireless headphones provided to each at the entrance to the disco. Three channels: «retro hits», «contemporary club music», «slow dance» and other kinds of music. For the others sounds relaxing lounge music that fits for a nice sitting at a table, drinking a cup of tea and chatting.

Multiformat discos unite people of different generations and musical tastes.

  Russian literature library

For those who like to spend time with a book a library of Russian literature works on board. It includes the books collection of classical Russian authors. You can just take a book you like, read it and put back.

But if you found a book you particularly liked, you can purchase it and take home.

  Art gallery

For art lovers in one of the lounges we organize temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists living in the Volga cities. If you wish, you can even purchase your favorite picture.

 Surprise dish

We like to please our guests and therefore offer a surprise dish for dinner.

This is a unique dish that is not served again anywhere else in the cruise!

What it is: a new salad, delicious first course or fancy dessert is still a mystery, as well as the recipe. All the secrets we are pleased to reveal by the end of the cruise.  

 Coffee shop-confectionery on board

A real coffee shop-confectionery will operate on board ship. Delicious desserts that you can try on the spot or to take with you, as well as drinks for every taste!

 The playing field on the sun deck

For the lovers of games on the fresh air there is a whole playing field on the sun deck of the ship. Here you can enjoy giant chess and checkers. Also on the playing field you can play in «Infoflot shuffleboard» – an exciting and simple game on a marked field with the special cues and pucks.

All above mentioned services will make your voyage on ship “Dmitry Furmanov” very bright and unforgettable!

Please, pay attention to the discounts on the cruises of this motor ship.

Special season discounts:
— 10% in case of 100% payment till 01 December, 2015;
— 8% in case of 100% payment till 31December, 2015.

Please, see here cruises and prices 2016 on motor ship “Dmitry Furmanov”

We are waiting for your requests!