Safety on board

Safety of our guests is the highest priority of the INFOFLOT Cruise Company. All our ships’ captains and crew members follow the regular specialized training, so they are prepared to respond quickly and effectively in unlikely case of emergency. The crews of the ships at least twice a month conduct full-scale exercises for all existing types of alarms.

The company observes the principle of «Nothing is more important than the safety and health of people»: the captains of the ships strictly adhere to the instructions of dispatching services, strictly comply all requirements which limiting traffic in low-visibility conditions and high waves. Ships do not come to open areas of lakes and reservoirs in the case that the wave height is higher allowable. If there is an allowable excitement on the lake or a reservoir will be chosen the safe course, taking into account the strength and direction of the wind.

The ships of the INFOFLOT Cruise Company fully equipped means of rescue in accordance with modern requirements. Special rafts, motor-boats, and lifeboats can accommodate all of the people on the ship including passengers and crew. The number of seats in the rafts, motor-boats, and lifeboats exceeds the maximum number of people on board. Rescue means are annually re-equipped, tested and certified.

Each ship abundantly provided with life jackets of the modern model. Life jackets located in each cabin in easily accessible places. On ships, there are children’s lifejackets.

On Board, our ships at the beginning of a cruise, are conducted a personal briefing for guests about the rules of use of lifejackets and actions in case of alarm. Also in each cabin in a conspicuous place, there is an illustrated safety manual. On internal on-Board TV, channel constantly shows a video on how to use life jackets and the behavior in case of alarm.