Dining Service

Meals on board are prepared with high-quality regional and local ingredients to give a taste of the areas we are passing through.
S-Cruises normally offers two restaurant options (depending on the ship, the upper and the lower restaurants).
Passengers can find their restaurant and their table number in the boarding card. On board our ships we offer buffet breakfast.
For lunch and dinner tourists have a pre-selected menu with the choice of starters, soups (for lunch), main courses and deserts.
Free beverages in on-board restaurants are:

  • tea, coffee, milk and juices for breakfast
  • tea and coffee for lunch
  • tea for dinner

During lunch and dinner guests can also order beer, wine, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages for extra charge.
We offer breakfast kids menu (up to 5 years old) who travel free of charge. Lunch and dinner are going for the additional charge. Parents can order dishes from kids menu on board. All they need to do is refer to the cruise management.

MENU (Russian specialties)

“Stolichniy” salad with red fish and caviar
“Paradise” salad (chicken fillet, crab sticks, orange, prunes, nuts, Chinese cabbage, mayonnaise)
“Dobriy” (“Kind”) salad (red cabbage, peppers, cucumbers, onions, sour cream)

First courses:
Fish pottage Suvorov style (zander)
Cream-soup with green peas and garlic croutons
“Kharcho” soup with beef

Second courses:
“Golubtsy” – cabbage rolls with meat and rice
Potato “zrazy” with mushrooms, tomatoes
Marinated fish Don region style

Chocolate sponge cake
“Berry garden” pastry
Black currant ice-cream

Plus non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, snacks, aperitifs and this is not the whole list of dishes, served on S-Cruise ships. All dishes are cooked directly on the ship by professional chefs and that’s why they are so delicious and fresh. For each day of voyage there is a special menu with a wide choice. Professional staff is ready to present you an unforgettable vacation on board S-Cruise ships.

See you on board!