Bar experience

Bars on board are open till the last guest. We offer a wide range of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and cocktails, different brands of tea and coffee, a selection of desserts and ice-cream. Food orders in a bar till could be taken until 00:30 a.m. Every day the bar offers a “Cocktail of the day” at the best price. Also for your convenience there is a room service. Guests can place an order from the bar into the stateroom. At daytime we provide additional service on board when bar staff offer soft drinks, beer and bar snacks on the open air promenade decks of the ship.“Early birds” tea and coffee. On board our ships we have a pleasant surprise for early risers. Tea, coffee, cookies and candies are served in the bar or on the open deck an hour before breakfast starts (during the cruises that last 4 days and longer). The “early birds” tea isn’t served when early breakfast is planned (if a sightseeing tour starts in the morning).