Life on board

  • Cruise administration
  • Check-in
  • Information on board
  • Restaurant service
  • Bar service
  • Excursions
  • Entertainment on board

Cruise administration on board our ships consists of cruise director, assistant director and travel information assistant.
At the reception desk tourists can apply to cruise administration members for assistance with any questions.
Furthermore cruise director mobile phone number is indicated in daily on-board newspaper.
Representatives of cruise administration on board our ships speak English.
Foreign tourists are also provided with restaurant and bar menu and daily on-board newspaper in English.

«Moonlight Sonata»

Bykov Aleksey Anatolevich

«Swan Lake»

Simachev Andrey Aleksandrovich

«Dmitry Furmanov»

Lipin Petr Maksimovich

Noskova Mariya Vladimirovna
Cruise Director

«Alexandre Benois»

Grazhdaninov Pavel Ivanovich

Zagrebalny Sergey Vasilevich
Cruise Director

«N.A. Nekrasov»

Dyupin Denis Andreevich

Verizhnikova Ulyana Gennadievna
Cruise Director

«Karl Marx»

Savelev Vladimir Mikhailovich

Khusnimardanova Gulnara Faridovna
Cruise Director

«Vasily Chapaev»

Masharipov Yuriy Matyakubovich

Khodyrev Pavel Vladimirovich
Cruise Director

«Sun City»

Menshikov Dmitry Gennadievich

Kostyleva Yekaterina Velerevna
Cruise Director

Check-in and boarding usually start 2 hours before the departure. Departure time is indicated in the tourist voucher.
When boarding the Infoflot cruise company ships the passengers can be offered an express check-in to avoid large queues:

  • after submitting the tourist voucher and ID at the reception it is possible to get the key and to settle in the cabin;
  • the boarding pass where the table in onboard restaurant and number of excursion group are indicated can be picked up later.

Your check-in is finished after you receive the key and the boarding pass. An extra key is available on request.
Check-in and boarding usually finish 15 minutes before the departure. If passengers have arrived at the river port long before the check-in, and the ship is already at the berth, it is possible to store the luggage onboard. Nevertheless it is not allowed to stay onboard until the check-in starts.

Our guests are provided with full information on board.
Daily newspaper contains announcements of all the cruise activities, important notes, tips for travelers, interesting articles etc. In the evening a copy with the next day schedule, restaurants opening hours, excursions details and weather forecast is delivered to each stateroom.
Also there are several information TV channels that inform the tourists about safety on board, about ship’s current location.
And at the reception desk passengers can apply to cruise administration members for assistance with any questions.

Cruise director travel information assistant is responsible for telling the tourists about interesting places on the route.
This information partly is offered in stories on the radio, in onboard newspaper articles and sometimes in extended discussions.

The meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are served in the onboard restaurants.
Infoflot motor ships usually have two (the upper and the lower) restaurants.
Passengers can find their restaurant and their table number in the boarding card.

On board our ships we offer buffet breakfast.
For lunch and dinner tourists have a la carte menu with the choice of starters, soups (for lunch), main courses and deserts.
Free beverages in onboard restaurants are:

  • tea, coffee, milk and juices for breakfast
  • tea and coffee for lunch
  • tea for dinner

During lunch and dinner guests can also order beer, wine, strong liquors and non-alcoholic beverages for extra charge.
There is also a special menu for little children (up to 5 years old) who travel free of charge (without meals). Parents or guardians can order dishes from kids menu on board. All they need to do is refer to the cruise administration.

MENU (Russian specialties)

«Stolichniy» salad with red fish and caviar
«Paradise» salad (chicken fillet, crab sticks, orange, prunes, nuts, Chinese cabbage, mayonnaise)
«Dobriy» («Kind») salad (red сabbage, peppers, cucumbers, onions, sour cream)

First courses:
Fish pottage Suvorov style (zander)
Cream-soup with green peas and garlic croutons
«Kharcho» soup with beef

Second courses:
«Golubtsy» — cabbage rolls with meat and rice
Potato «zrazy» with mushrooms, tomatoes
Marinated fish Don region style

Chocolate sponge cake
«Berry garden» pastry
Black currant ice-cream

Plus non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, snacks, aperitifs and this is not the whole list of dishes, served on Infoflot Cruise Company ships. All dishes are cooked directly on the ship by professional chefs and that’s why they are so delicious and fresh. For each day of voyage there is a special menu with a wide choice. Professional staff is ready to present you an unforgettable vacation on board Infoflot ships.

See you on board!

Bars on board are open till the last customer. We offer a wide range of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and cocktails, different brands of tea and coffee, a good variety of desserts and ice-cream.
It is possible to order hot meal in a bar till 00:30 a.m.
Every day the bar offers a “Cocktail of the day” at the best price.
Also for your convenience there is a room service, so tourists can order beverages and snacks from the bar into the stateroom.
At daytime we have additional service on board when bar staff offer soft drinks, beer and bar snacks on the open air promenade decks of the ship.

“Early birds” tea and coffee.
On board our ships we have a pleasant surprise for early risers.
Tea, coffee, cookies and candies are served in the bar or on the open deck an hour before breakfast starts (during the cruises that last 4 days and longer).
The “early birds” tea isn’t served when early breakfast is planned (if a sightseeing tour starts in the morning).

The cruise price includes sightseeing.
When the ship stops in a city or small town a bus tour or walking excursion is offered.
Excursions are held in Russian, however English speaking guide service for extra charges is available in most ports of call.
Excursion group number is specified in the boarding pass that tourist receives during check-in.
It is easy to find your group:

  • during a walking excursion the tour guide has a sign with a group number
  • if you have a bus tour, the group number is attached to the front window of a coach

Extra excursions
In some places additional excursions are available for extra charges.
General information about such tours is reported on board (on radio and special TV channel).
For details please contact the cruise administration.
Tickets for the additional excursions are purchased at the reception desk.

Entertainment program is not less important than other onboard services.
Therefore Infoflot Cruise Company pays particular attention to daily activities and night entertainment.

Singers, dancers, musicians, DJs etc. on board our cruise ships do their best to give the guests most positive impressions.
Concerts, recitals, discos, dance classes, contests, quizzes and theme parties are waiting for children and adults.