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River cruise to Russia gives you a unique opportunity to get acquainted with this country. Russia has a well-developed network of internal waterways: its mughty rivers and majestic lakes are connected by man-made canals. River cruise is probably the best type of journey. Just imagine: unpack once and relax. River cruise companies, their ships with comfortable river-view staterooms give you a sense of home as your floating hotel conveys you from one locale to another. Sailing smoothly and peacefully you admire changing scenery along the banks, fresh breeze on the open air decks and unforgettable sunsets over tthe river. Motor ship usually docks in the centre of town, juxt steps from museums, markets, cafes, and other places of interest, so you can take a guided tour or walk off to sample local daily life.

Clients about us

“I must admit that my cruise experience with Infoflot was marvelous! The booking process and the pre-cruise communications were very professional. A received great assistance from the agency and always received quick responses. They made certain recommendations which proved to be of great help!”

Miguel A. Orta, USA

“I am back from colourful Russia where all went well. You were absolutely right it was a wonderful experience for me. The places were very interesting and the people friendly and helpful.”

Eliane Koci, France

“Also on behalf of my sisters, I would like to thank you for the organization of our most wonderful river trip on the Volga. I don’t know who was responsible for the organization, but everything was organized so well.”

Christina Boutloukou, Denmark

“We very much enjoyed our journey on the Karl Marx to Valaam. We arrived at the River Terminal around 17.00 and were greeted by the cruise administration. They quickly registered us for our cabins and shortly thereafter we were situated.”

Terry Berman, USA

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  • Moscow - St.Petersburg - Moscow
  • Classic Volga
  • Golden Ring
  • Karelia and White Sea
  • Lower Volga & Don
  • Unique cruises
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River cruises have so many advantages and only one drawback – they come to an end very quickly. When you return from the cruise you spend a lot of time showing wonderful pictures and sharing bright memories with your relatives and friends. And then... you start planning a new cruise

Choose a river cruise to Russia and you will never regret!