It’s an untouched nature, picturesque landscapes, Russian taiga, natural and sights of the city that will impress you. Lena, Irtysh, Ob, Yenisei — each of these rivers is beautiful in its own way.

The Lena River flows through the territory of the Yakutia Republic that is Russia’s the largest republic, which surpasses the area of Argentina! This is the country of taiga and vast expanses of tundra, severe mountain ranges and icy Arctic distances, an original culture of the peoples of the North and just kind-hearted people. Just think about these figures:

  • About 40% of the republic is located beyond the Arctic Circle, which you can cross on a cruise along the Lena.
  • More than 90% of the territory of the republic is unaltered natural ecosystems;
  • More than 15% of the world’s wildlife. These are weighty arguments in favor of the Lena cruise, aren’t they?

Ob is one of the largest rivers in the world. Its width sometimes reaches 20-25 km. You can admire these expanses in a river cruise along the Ob and its tributary Irtysh. This trip combines ancient Siberian cities with incredible impressions of natural beauties and sights. For example, you can swim in the natural hot springs during one of the ship parking.

The Yenisei is the greatest river of Siberia and one of the largest in the world. You can discover a lot of new things, enjoying the cleanliness of coasts and water, breathing the fresh air of the Siberian forests.
There are picturesque beaches, beautiful nature, interesting sights in Siberian cities — you will meet all this on a cruise along the Yenisei, which will make your trip bright and memorable.
You will have the opportunity to visit the Taimyr Peninsula, the legendary plateau of Putorana, which is under the protected by UNESCO, Dudinka that is the coldest city on the planet, where the temperature drops to -57 degrees in winter.