Volga River Cruises

Moscow is the main city where you can start your Volga cruises. The capital of Russia has two river stations the Northern and the Southern. From the Northern River station the most popular Russian cruises Moscow – St. Petersburg start. The Southern station is the first gate in the lower Volga, from where cruises depart in Astrakhan. Rostov-on-don, Samara, Volgograd, Nizhniy Novgorod you can also visit these cities thanks to the Volga cruises starting from Moscow ports.

This is the most important waterway of the country and the longest river in Europe. Russians call it “Mother Volga”.
A river cruise along the entire Volga (19-20 days) from Moscow to Astrakhan and back leaves the best travel experience.
During this voyage the tourists will see how vast Russia is, as their ship passes through several climate zones and the scenery changes from coniferous and deciduous forests in the upper Volga to steppes (plains) and semi-deserts near the Caspian Sea. Ports of call on the Volga are not only ancient Russian cities and towns (like Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Nizhniy Novgorod etc.) but inter alia

  • hospitable Cheboksary with lovely local beer and remarkable national costumes of the natives;
  • the sports capital of the country – cosmopolitan city of Kazan where one can taste delicious “chak-chak” (famous honeyed pastry) or admire Kazan’s architectural pearls
  • white stone Kremlin, leaning Suyumbike tower and beautiful Muslim mosques;
  • Volgograd – city of military valor, courage and glory, the place where the crucial battle of World War II occurred;
  • sunny Astrakhan – famous for its luscious fruit, excellent fishing in the Volga downstream, and blossoming lotuses in the river delta.

The Volga river cruise provides an excellent opportunity to relax and to see the multicultural Russia. During the Volga cruise you can get acquainted not only with the cities of the “Golden ring”, but also others, for example, Tver, Myshkin, Kineshma and the province. The Volga cruises show a unique face of Russia: the largest cities of Central Russia, little provincial towns and villages with wide pastures and fields. After the confluence of the Kama, the Volga becomes affluent, powerful and wide river, and from here the Lower Volga region starts. Tourists especially love to come here in August or September, when the famous Astrakhan watermelons are ripe.