Karelia and White Sea

We bring to your attention cruise in truly paradise corners of Karelia: mighty rocks, forest lakes, the purest air with the scent of pine needles, picturesque bays, ensembles of monasteries and a collection of unique wooden buildings of the people of the Russian North, equipped ecological trails and, of course, the vast Ladoga and Onega Lakes that are the largest freshwater lakes in Europe!

There are breathtaking panorama of the Monastery Bay of Valaam, amazing nature of “taiga island” of Pellotsari, a picturesque marble quarry that is a unique natural park of man-made lakes in the town of Ruskeala near Sortavala, famous ensemble of the Kizhi churchyard and a string of rocky islets framed by a shoreline cut by bays and narrow straits – it’s all needs to be seen. And it’s even better to take pictures – they are amazing!

The Solovetsky Islands – is a unique picturesque coastline with boulder deposits along the sea and extensive woodlands with lakes scattered among them. During the long years on islands, people tied their separate parts by roads and connected the canals of the lake.

Every year many tourists and pilgrims visit Solovki. They wish to get acquainted with the sights of the islands and, first of all, see the structures of the Solovetsky Monastery. By visiting this archipelago you can learn about many interesting things such as the unique monastic botanical garden, one of the first hydropower stations in Russia, a system of canals, a negotiating stone, labyrinths that are the monuments of Neolithic culture of II-I millennium BC.