Infoflot Cruise Center offers fascinating itineraries and excursions in different ports of call. We offer a wide list of itineraries to various cruise regions. North West: Valaam, Sortavala, Pellotsari, Mandrogi, Petrozavodsk, Kizhi, Medvezhegorsk, Solovetsky Islands. Saint Petersburg – Moscow: two capitals “Northern Venice” and the capital of Russia. Upper VolgaKalyazin, Uglich, Yaroslavl, Gorodets. Middle Volga: Nizhniy Novgorod, Cheboksary, Kazan. Lower Volga: famous Astrakhan and Volgograd cruises, with visits to Saratov and Samara. Kama river: Elabuga, Chaikovsky and Perm. Don river: Rostov-on-Don, Konstantinovsk and Ilyevka. Oka river: Kasimov, Murom, Ryazan.

All these unique destinations have so much to offer that you just can’t decide which excursion to go on. Once you on it, you enjoy it until the very end. Highly historical cities, villages and towns will wait for your return to share more about its life, people and customs.

Spend an unforgettable vacation on a cruise in Russia. See you on board.

  • Moscow – Saint Petersburg

    We would like to represent you the river cruises between Moscow and Saint Petersburg on S-Cruises brand ships. These cruises combine a visit… Read more

  • Classic Volga

    Cruises on the Volga river are in high demand among our guests and there are several reasons for this. It has a favorable climate of the European part of Russia. Read more

  • Golden Ring

    In the heart of Russia, there is a necklace of ancient cities and towns known as «the Golden ring». These are places of unique cultural and historical value. Read more

  • Karelia and White Sea

    We would like you to pay close attention to cruises in truly paradise corners of Karelia: mighty rocks, forest lakes, the purest air with the scent of pine needles… Read more

  • Lower Volga and Don

    The Volga river is one of the most important waterway of Russia and the longest river in Europe. Russians call it “Mother Volga”. A river cruise along the entire Volga… Read more

  • Siberia

    You will be immerse in untouched nature, picturesque landscapes, Russian taiga.  Just a few places around the world could impress you like that.  Lena, Irtysh, Ob, Yenisei… Read more