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Luckman Margaret Elizabeth, Australia
M/S “Moonlight Sonata”
Dates of voyage: 05.06.2018 — 09.06.2018

Lovely country!
Lovely people!
Lovely cruise!
Would not change one thing.

Sincerely, Margaret Luckman. Australia.

Quill Kristy Monique, Australia
M/S “Moonlight Sonata”
Dates of voyage: 05.06.2018 — 09.06.2018

Thank you for a wonderful journey.
The cruise was great, the stuff beautiful and the food lovely.
I am amazed by the kindness of the stuff. They helped in everywhere they could and were professional in every way.

Thank you again.
Kristy Quill.
Room 310.

Guranowski Andrzej, Poland
M/S “Karl Marx”
Dates of voyage: 24.07.2017 — 04.08.2017

I just want to tell you that I am very happy and satisfied after my cruise Moscow-St.Petersburg-Moscow that I did on Karl Marx ship.

I will recommend this kind of holidays to my family and friends and probably make other tours of the same type in next years.

If you can, please give me information if there are cruises from St. Petersburg to Solovietske Islands and about cruise called «Krugosvietka» which was recommended to me by people with whom I traveled.

With the best wishes, very grateful for your help
Andrzej Guranowski

Eliane Koci, France
M/S “Vasily Chapaev”
Dates of voyage: 01/09 — 18/09/2017

I am back from colourful Russia where all went well.

You were absolutely right it was a wonderful experience for me.

The places were very interesting and the people friendly and helpful.

An adventure to be repeated again and again. I will rely on your suggestions as to what I should discover next.

With kind regards


Miina Jahkonen, Finland
M/S “Karl Marx”
Dates of voyage: 30/06 — 05/07/2017

We enjoyed the cruise. The staff was very friendly even though a common language was missing and only some persons of the staff spoke English. Our cabin was excellent (polyluksus) and even my husband (over 190 cm tall 😏) fit into the bed. However, in the basic cabins the beds were a little too short for taller persons.

We enjoyed especially the visits in Kidzhi and Mandrogi and the music show in Mandrogi was excellent.

A very positive surprise was a Finnish speaking guide in Kidzhi 😊

Also everyone liked the cabin services, I mean that after dinner it was nice to come to a cabin which was ready for sleeping. Also breakfast was excellent. Lunch and dinner were good or OK, but sometimes the food was cold or not very well seasoned, but still, we were never hungry. We spent quite much time in the bar and the «normal» beer from the tap run out in the first evening and the staff did not get a new can during the cruise and the beer selection was quite minimal…

We had some minor language problems and I think that at least some safety instructions should have been in English. Also the announcements and instructions were only in Russia and ocassionally we had some difficulties to understand. All programme at the cruise was in Russia, so we did not participate very much because we did not understand… but the scenery was very nice and it was nice to sit at the window and enjoy the views and in the bar our group had space to spend time together.

Altogother, we had nice time and even thouhgh I got a little bit seasick at Lake Ladoga in the last night, we may participate an Infoflot cuise again in the future.

Extra thanks to you for all your help when booking the cruise!

BR, Miina

Christina Boutloukou, Denmark
M/S “N.A. Nekrasov”
Dates of voyage: 30/09 — 02/11/2016

Also on behalf of my sisters, I would like to thank you for the organization of our most wonderful river trip on the Volga. I don’t know who was responsible for the organization, but everything was organized so well.

We were the only foreigners and not only the program but also the menu was translated for us in English. Quite a few people spoke English on the cruise, so it was the ideal chance for us to personally meet Russians and drink some vodka together.

We hope to come again and wish you good luck with arranging these beautiful cruises.


Christina Boutloukou

Galina Dermann, Germany
M/S “Dmitry Furmanov”
Dates of voyage: 28/05 — 04/06/2016

«…вот и закончилась наша великолепная поездка на вашем теплоходе по Волге.
Невозможно описать все наши впечатления парой строк. Великолепно было все: организация, обслуживание, программа экскурсий, развлекательные программы, выступления, выставки, исполнение романсов.

Мы чувствовали себя как в большой единой семье. Нам так повезло с погодой, какие неописуемые закаты солнца! Углич встретил нас хлебом и солью, баяном и песнями, храмы и звон колоколов, духовная музыка, пешиходные прогулки по живописным местам! А по возвращении нас ждали добрые улыбки, сердечные приветствия сотрудников теплохода и готовый ужин! Что касается питания, то это был праздник с утра до вечера! Разнообразие блюд и декоративное оформление, сервировка стола и везде чистота! Просто молодцы!!!

Дорогая Евгения, в первую очередь огромное спасибо Вам от всего сердца. Вы замечательно меня обслуживали!

Вам и всему вашему коллективу дальнейших успехов, счастья, мира и добра!

С уважением и возможно до скорой следующей поездки!
Галина Дерманн.»

Jaroslav NAVRATIL, Czech Republic
M/S “Hirurg Razumovsky”
Dates of voyage: 27/05 — 05/06/2016

«…yesterday I returned from the cruise. My expectations were fully met in all aspects. The cabin was not as comfortable as the one on Anton Czechov but all in all the services provided by the staff were profesionnal and of good quality.

I made two suggestions to the Director of the cruise (by the way, a very competent, qualified and talented person):
— to reduce the quantity of the food provided to the guests (in spite of good quality much is left on the plates and returned)
— to make available at the ship plans of the sites/cities to be visited so that guests can buy them before disembarking; the problem is that it is very difficult to find and fetch them in the cities themselves. The only positive exception was Kazan.

It was surprising to find out that — again with exception of Kazan — it was almost impossible to find and buy single postcards to be mailed to friends. In particular I missed that in Volgograd — I could not send a single one. (I could buy a complete set of postcards but they were not sutable to be mailed). I know this is beyond the power of Infoflot but perhaps Infoflot can lobby for such a simple improvement in the tourism business.

Anyway, it was a very interesting trip and I am already thinking about a cruise next yeat (perhaps on Kama)

Best regards
Jaroslav NAVRATIL.»

Gennady Pavlinov, Australia
M/S “Sun City”
Dates of voyage: 08/24 — 08/31/2015

More than happy with the location and size of the cabin. As I discovered the ship was really well maintained. The service was attentive and friendly and the other four people at our table were a delightful company. The ability to order snacks from the bar till late is a great arrangement.

The cruise I enjoyed immensely, for the variety and number of locations that we stopped at, at the detailed descriptions provided by the tour guides, spoken in beautiful Russian, which was music to my ears.

In summary, it was sheer pleasure to be amongst ordinary Russians and a break from the multi-cultural Australia and the occasional superior attitude that some Europeans can display on these cruises.

It was nice to be told that I did not speak with an accent, and I wanted to believe them, although one person did say that I definitely did not have a Moscow accent.

Finally, bolshoe spasibo (“thank you very much”) for all your help, it was much appreciated.

Miguel A. Orta, USA
M/S “N.A. Nekrasov”
Dates of voyage: 08/07-08/14/2015

I must admit that my cruise experience with Infoflot was marvelous! The booking process and the pre-cruise communications were very professional. A received great assistance from the agency and always received quick responses. They made certain recommendations which proved to be of great help!

I was extremely happy with the cabin. A great deal of room and very comfortable and clean. The bathroom was a good size comparable to the ships. Nothing negative regarding the accommodations. The laundry service was also very good.

The service on board was excellent. All my concerns, request and issues were quickly resolved. The restaurant staff was extremely polite, courteous and always helpful. The food was good. The breakfast buffet was the best meal of the day.

All in all it was a wonderful experience!

Terry Berman, USA
M/S “Karl Marx”
Dates of voyage: 08/03-08/05/2015

We very much enjoyed our journey on the Karl Marx to Valaam. We arrived at the River Terminal around 17.00 and were greeted by the cruise administration. They quickly registered us for our cabins and shortly thereafter we were situated.

The cabins were comfortable and clean.

We found the food in the restaurant to be very good. The choices were excellent and everything was prepared well. Service in the restaurant was also very efficient. We also found the ship’s bar to be quite good. The prices were quite reasonable and the staff was very friendly.

We were, in general, pleased with how the cruise was conducted. We only had small requests for the cruise administration (i.e., extra towel, call a taxi at the end of the voyage). They handled this easily. The new cruise administration seemed quite capable.

We were especially pleased with the guide on Valaam. She was very knowledgeable. She spent most of the day with us at the Monastery and also walking through the woods to see the sketes. It was actually quite more than we expected.

The experience on the Karl Marx was one of the highlights of our trip and we were quite happy with the entire experience from booking the cruise originally to being on the ship.

Eric, appreciated the «Happy Birthday» greetings sung in Russian in the restaurant!

Tomaž Blaž, Slovenia
M/S “Karl Marx”
Dates of voyage: 07/25-07/27/2015

I can say everything was nice. The cabin was comfortable, we also liked the food, which is different from ours and found it interesting. The stuff was very kind so as the guide on island.

So, I have no complaints, thanks for everything and wish a lot of luck to all of your team.

Jaroslav Navrátil, Czech Republic
M/S “Anton Chekhov”
Dates of voyage: 06/21-06/27/2015

Boarding the ship was simple and smooth, there were no security checks.
The cabin was indeed very good: not only spacey and comfortable, but also elegant. And very quiet indeed so that my worries about the risk of vibrations consulted with you indeed proved irrelevant.

The ship as such was a good choice also.The food was better than I expected, apparently they have a good team in the kitchen. The program of visits (Uglich, Jaroslavl etc) was interesting, the local guides were very good.

The staff in general was helpful, cooperative and in good mood (smiling) which added to pleasant feelings.

The staff was good also in mobilizing the passengers to participate in the entertainment («talent-show») and in their own contribution to it (with professionalism and very fine humour). Showing the DVD «Russia — the land of tsars» (in English) was also a good choice, at least for me it was a useful complementation of my knowledge of Russian history.

All in all I liked the cruise so much that I felt like starting immediately organizing a next one, with the same ship and in the same cabin. I was thinking of the cruise next year on Volga down to Astrakhan.

Linda Stern, Australia
M/S “Karl Marx”
Dates of voyage: 06/22-06/27/2015

I enjoyed the cruise very much.

The cabin was just as described on the website. The food was very good. The service was excellent in every respect. The program of sight-seeing was excellent, with just about the right amount of time allotted for every place.

The person who made announcements and pointed out sights along the river was excellent, very interesting, and he spoke so clearly that I could usually understand him.

Overall I am very glad that I took this cruise and also glad that I chose Infoflot over other companies.

Thank you for your assistance in setting this up.

Mary Curmi, Malta
M/S “Karl Marx”
Dates of voyage: 09/08-09/19/2014

We had a fantastic time in Russia especially on board of «Karl Marx». It sure was worth the money. We have nothing to complain about absolutely nothing. The ship was clean and good food, the excursions were included in the price and the staff was very helpful.

It’s sure an experience which we will not forget for the rest of our lives. Thank you for welcoming onboard the «Karl Marx» and to make us feel part your beautiful Russia and yes for 2 weeks we felt like Russians!

Carl Finckle, USA
M/S “F. Dostoevsky”
Dates of voyage: 08/23 -08/25/2014

I was very pleased with my cruise. The boat was in fine shape, the food was good, my cabin was quite adequate, and I enjoyed the decks and the bar!

I had a great time and would do it again in a minute.

Klaus, Germany
M/S “Alexander Benois”
Dates of voyage: 08/04-08/08/2014

Our cruise to Kostroma was a marvelous event. We indeed enjoyed everything and we had to encounter no difficulty at all. As we were the only foreign passengers on board, we had a true Russian experience which we liked very much. The people on the boat, i.e the other passengers and the crew members were very nice and gentle with us. The cities we visited were chosen very well and the tours were organized perfectly. Also the cabins were spacey and comfortable and the food was excellent.

So all in all we had a very nice cruise with unforgettable memories.

Thank you very much for having organized all this for us.

Thomas Grasse, Germany
M/S “Alexandre Benois”
Dates of voyage: 08/04-08/08/2014

I am happy to confirm that the cruise was an outstanding positive experience for my wife and me. Service, friendliness, attentiveness of your great Alexander Benois team was of high standard.

Food was good, weather perfect -understand that you did not order this- sightseeing tours well organized. I can only recommend Infoflot and have already done this to friends.

Maybe our next cruise will go to the south – Astrakhan.

Kevin Pile and Phillipa Hay, Sydney, Australia
M/S “Alexandre Benois”
Dates of voyage: 06/08-06/13/2014

We were two optimistic Australians who read about Russian-tourist boat cruises in the Lonely Planet Guide-Russia. Trustingly we sent an email but were never disappointed. Finding information on the internet was easy and accurate. Email exchanges were prompt and payment relatively stress free but via bank transfers (a credit card facility for payment would have been good).

Our English language guides at major sites were organized by Infoflot and were excellent — indeed we felt very special having a private driver and guide awaiting us
at disembarkations. They also allowed us flexibility in what we did and we added in a tour to the «Music and Time» museum in Yaroslavl which was the highlight for us (being both music fans and clock collectors — and within a few minutes of our unexpected arrival the museum had found an English speaking host who played the instruments for us). There was a good length of time at each site.

The weather was well, very Russian, from hot (~30 degrees) to as cool (and wetter) than a Sydney winter. But we were prepared and it didn’t prevent us enjoying any sight-seeing. Food was varied, nicely presented and generally very good, there was a vegetarian selection at each meal with fresh fruit alternative to desserts, and it was never Australian (we were pleased there was no toast or bacon and eggs for breakfast). Staff quickly learned that we like a small jug of milk with tea and coffee. The espresso machine and internet connection in the bar were well also very appreciated by us. We were too jetlagged for most after dinner concerts but enjoyed the final evening.

Evelin Durieux, Netherlands
M/S “N.A. Nekrasov”
Dates of voyage: 05/12-05/17/2014

We liked the cruise very much.
Especially the creative workshop teacher did everything to make us feel comfortable and also Anastasia (who spoke French with us) and the staff in the restaurant.
We would like to go on another trip in September.

Ross Duldig, Australia
M/S “Alexandre Benois”
Dates of voyage: 05/12-05/24/2014

We thought the cruise was very good. We wanted to be among the local people and to see how they lived and socialised. The passenger numbers was down a little mainly because it was early in the season. Food was excellent real gourmet …. we haven’t eaten so well in a long time. The entertainment was okay. On the last night gala dinner we had a good time and as we were leaving a man jumped up and gave us both hugs and said something in Russian and everybody clapped and cheered us. It made us feel really good.

All in all it was a great experience for us.