Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Do you provide any assistance in getting Russian entry visas?
— Yes. We provide our tourists with the list of documents they need to have in order to apply for a Russian entry visa.

2. When does boarding start?
— Registration and boarding begin two hours before and end 15 minutes before the departure.

3. Where can I find information on river boat stations in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod and other cities?
— You can find information on river boat stations here.

4. What type of clothes should I take on the cruise? Is there a dress-code on the ships?
— There is no strict dress-code on board «Infoflot» ships. Feel free to take any clothes you like. All the same, it will be great if you have something elegant in your wardrobe for special events like the Gala-dinner. We also advise you to take a warm pullover or windbreaker, as even on hot days it can get quite cool on the river.
Please be sure to take comfortable shoes, as you will need them on excursions.

5. Are meals included in the package?
— Yes, the package price includes full board. Breakfasts on the «Alexandre Benois», «N.А. Nekrasov» and «Karl Marx» are buffet style, and for lunches and dinners our guests can choose from a menu.

6. Are individual dietary requirements taken into account in the ships’ restaurants?
— Yes, we try to take into account our guests’ requirements and ask them to kindly inform us should they need dietetic, vegetarian or other special meals when booking the cruise.

7. Are drinks included in the price?
— Partly. Tea, coffee, juice, drinking water offered during breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price. Bottled mineral water, beer, wine, cocktails and strong alcoholic beverages can be ordered separately at extra charge.

8. Are there electrical outlets in the cabins?
— Yes, all cabins on the «Alexandre Benois», «N.A. Nekrasov» and «Karl Marx» are equipped with 220V outlets.

9. Are there fridges in the cabins?
— Yes, all cabins on the «Alexandre Benois», «N.A.Nekrasov» and «Karl Marx» are equipped with small individual fridges.

10. Are there air conditioners on the ships?
— Yes. Passenger accommodations on «Infoflot» ships are air conditioned. On the «Alexandre Benois» and «N.A. Nekrasov” all passengers’ cabins are equipped with individual air conditioners (split system); on the «Karl Marx» only Suite («deluxe») cabins are equipped with these air conditioners, while the rest of the cabins are air conditioned via the general ventilation system.

11. Should I bring a hair dryer on the cruise?
— You can do that, although it is not necessary, as all cabins on the «Alexandre Benois», «N.А. Nekrasov» and «Karl Marx» are equipped with hair dryers.

12. Is there Internet access on board the ships?
— The stern bars on the «Alexandre Benois» and «N.A. Nekrasov» offer free Wi-Fi Internet access.

13. Is there a laundry service on board?
— Yes. You can make use of the paid service (washing, ironing), or use the ship’s ironing room for free.

14. Is there an elevator on the ship?
— No. The «Alexandre Benois», «N.А. Nekrasov» and «Karl Marx» are midsize river vessels, no elevator between decks was provided for by the project.

15. Are guests allowed to smoke on the ships?
— Guests are allowed to smoke in specified zones only. Smoking is forbidden in cabins, restaurants and halls on our ships.

16. Can I buy souvenirs on the ships?
— Yes, you can. There are gift shops on the «Alexandre Benois», «N.А. Nekrasov» and «Karl Marx».