Long vacation voyages: Volga, Kama and Don cruises

Russia is the largest country in the world. But what do people know about Russia? A stereotype that this is a country of eternal winter, brown bears, vodka and caviar usually provokes sly smiles of the locals.

Well, foreign guests now often visit two main Russian cities – Moscow and Saint Petersburg, enjoy the hospitality and get acquainted with Russian culture, history and art. But since the two capitals are huge modern metropolises, they do not represent the country in its diversity.

The best chance to see the life of real Russia and to learn about its past and present is to travel on a cruise ship along the main Russian rivers: the Volga, the Kama and the Don.

  • Volga


    This is the most important waterway of the country and the longest river in Europe. Russians call it “Mother Volga”. A river cruise along the entire Volga (19-20 days) from Moscow to Astrakhan and back leaves the best travel experience.
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  • Kama


    Another mighty river – the Kama is less known than the Volga but is not less beautiful. The Kama is not so settled, thanks to that its hilly banks are covered with virgin forests and beautiful scenery waits for your cameras behind each bend of the river.
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  • Don


    The Don is one of the major rivers of Russia. It rises in the town of Novomoskovsk 60 kilometres (37 mi) southeast of Tula (120 km south of Moscow, and flows for a distance of about 1,950 kilometres (1,220 mi) to the Sea of Azov.
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Quite frankly, all these rivers are unforgettable!
No matter which route you choose — your impressions will be bright and positive!