Cruises from Saint Petersburg to Valaam and Kizhi islands

Cruises from Saint Petersburg on m/s “Karl Marx” give you a unique opportunity to see the most beautiful nature of Karelia, to visit the most interesting and wild corners of nature.

Cruises from Saint Petersburg to vast lakes Ladoga and Onega attract thousands of travellers every year.
It is the best opportunity to enjoy the charm of “white nights” in summer, when the dawn follows the sunset almost at once, and to admire beautiful nature of Karelia (the region in the northwest of Russia).
A lot of tourist attractions are located in this area. And the true jewels are two islands – magnificent Valaam and world-famous Kizhi.


Valaam located in Lake Ladoga offers traditional walking tours to Our Saviour Transfiguration monastery and monastic hermitages. But if you want the island to reveal its secrets, be an attentive visitor, stroll through Valaam viewing its landscapes, meadows, pine trees on the mossy rocks or take a boat trip to explore the inner lakes and the picturesque shores of Ladoga – the largest lake in Europe.


The Kizhi island in Lake Onega is home to the open air Museum of Wooden Architecture. The visit to the Museum designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site is included in the walking tour. The gems of the collection (which consists of more than 80 monuments of wooden architecture) are the 22-domed church of the Transfiguration of Our Saviour and the church of the Intercession of Holy Mary with the bell-tower between them.

Besides cruising in this region you can also visit attractive Konevets and Pellotsari islands in Lake Ladoga, Mandrogi village on the scenic Svir river where artisans make famous Russian souvenirs, the Vodka Museum welcomes tourists and the Fairy tales path entertains both children and adults, the town of Petrozavodsk with its unusual sculpture collection on the embankment of Lake Onega and optional tour to the Kivach waterfall.

Cruises to Valaam and Kizhi without any doubt will leave a lasting positive impression if you choose this route!