Autumn cruises

Golden autumn is a favorite time of river cruise connoisseurs!
Red, yellow and green tints create special atmosphere and leave bright impressions. And when all this beauty is reflected in river waters, you feel like in a fairy tale. Do you want to find yourself in a beautiful autumn fairy tale?

When you sail along the calm river banks with “transparent” trees and you breathe fresh air it seems you hear the nature itself. You feel relaxed among mirror water, copper-golden leaves, clear sky and warm sun.

Enjoy your river cruises with Infoflot Cruise Company! Chose a destination you like on our brand ships which offer “Golden autumn” itineraries and you shall never regret.

  • Dmitry Furmanov
  • Alexandre Benois
  • N.A. Nekrasov
  • Karl Marx
  • Vasily Chapaev
  • Sun City