Infoflot Cruise Company offers interesting itineraries and excursions in ports of call. We offer various directions and itineraries to various cruise regions: North-Western (with a visit to Valaam, Sortavala, Pellotsari, Mandrogi, Petrozavodsk, Kizhi, Medvezhegorsk, Solovetskie islands), Line Saint Petersburg – Moscow (with a visit to two capitals “Northern Venice” and the capital of Russia), Upper Volga (with a visit to Kalyazin, Uglich, Yaroslavl, Gorodets), Middle Volga (with a visit to Nizhniy Novgorod, Cheboksary, Kazan), Lower Volga (famous Astrakhan and Volgograd cruises, as well as visit to Saratov and Samara), the Kama river (with a visit to Elabuga, Chaikovsky and Perm), the Don river (with its Rostov-on-Don, Konstantinovsk and Ilyevka), the Oka river (with a visit to Kasimov, Murom, Ryazan).

All these destinations are so interesting and excursions are so exciting that you can’t help choosing one. Once you chose, you enjoy it till the very end and the next time you plan to visit other cities, villages and towns with their unique history, people and life.

We are waiting for you on board ship and offer the best service for unforgettable vacations!

  • Valaam and Kizhi islands

    Cruises from Saint Petersburg to vast lakes Ladoga and Onega attract thousands of travellers every year.
    It is the best opportunity to enjoy the charm of “white nights” in summer, when the dawn follows the sunset almost at once, and to admire beautiful nature of Karelia (the region in the northwest of Russia).
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  • «The Golden ring» on Volga

    In the heart of Russia there is a necklace of ancient cities and towns known as “the Golden ring”. These are places of unique cultural and historical value.
    Some of the cities and towns (like Yaroslavl and Uglich) are located on the Volga river. The rest of them (like Rostov the Great and Suzdal) are situated nearby so it is easy to get there by tour bus.
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  • Great Russian rivers: long vacation

    Russia is the largest country in the world. But what do people know about Russia? A stereotype that this is a country of eternal winter, brown bears, vodka and caviar usually provokes sly smiles of the locals.
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  • Autumn cruises

    Golden autumn — favourite time of river cruise connoisseurs!
    Red, yellow and green tints create special atmosphere and leave bright impressions. And when all this beauty is reflected in river waters, you feel like in a fairy tale.
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  • Cruises to Saint Petersburg

    We represent to your attention the most popular cruises to Saint Petersburg on brand ships «Infoflot Cruise Company.»
    Theses cruises combine a visit to the two capitals of Russia — Moscow and Saint Petersburg, as well as travel on Lakes Ladoga and Onega with their jewels — the islands of Valaam and Kizhi.
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